The easiest way to load dirt bikes into lifted and tall trucks

The Step Ramp is by far the easiest and safest way to load your motorcycle into tall trucks. By having steps to walk up that are attached to the bike ramp, it makes it possible to easily keep momentum and walk right up into your truck with minimal effort and in the safest possible manner.

How do I load my bike into a truck with a lift kit?

As this video demonstrates the easiest way to load your bike using the Step Ramp is to walk the bike up with the engine on using first or second gear to very slowly pull itself up the incline while you follow on next to it safely walking up the steps. Just be sure to cover the clutch and brake levers to carefully control the motorcycle. As shown, it can be done on even the tallest trucks with very large lifts. We used our shorter 5-step ramp for the demo when the 6-step version is the ramp we recommend for trucks with bed heights over 36″ tall. But even with the shorter ramp and a bit of practice, nearly anyone can load their bike safely.

Why not just use an ATV Ramp or a standard ramp with a crate or box?

Certainly, that can be done and many riders will choose to use that method, but our ramp is purpose-built for loading dirt bikes into trucks in the safest and simplest way possible. ATV ramps typically have either very widely spaced crossbars or else they have very flat surfaces with a bit of traction for tires. Both those kinds of ramps work great for ATVs and their tires, but don’t do so well for walking up a steep incline with a bike as you can either slip a foot through the crossbars or lose traction and slide your foot off the ramp. As for crates/boxes with a normal bike ramp, who hasn’t seen someone lose balance on a wobbly box on an uneven surface and dump their bike off the side or onto themselves? Compare those loading methods to the Step Ramp with its wide steps with tons of traction specifically designed for you to apply some force to the bike without worrying about your feet sliding or losing balance.

A close-up of the StepRamp in action. The steps are shown next to the rungs of the ramps.

Which ramp should I get for my tall, lifted truck?

We recommend the 6-Step version of the StepRamp for taller trucks and those with lifts. The quickest way to verify is to take a tape measure and see how tall the tailgate sits when down. Anything from 36″ up to 44″ is perfectly suited to the 6-step ramp and will make loading much easier than any other method. If you have a truck with a bed height from 30″ up to 38″ then you would be fine with the slightly shorter 5-Step version.

We hope this helps but if you have any questions or concerns about a step ramp please don’t hesitate to give us a call, email, or chat!




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